Half-truth marketing, climate rescue marketing?

Date: 24.11.2021Source: Österr. Bauern Zeitung

In only 15% of the plant-based milk substitutes offered in Austria do the main raw materials come from domestic sources. According to the Austrian Farmers’ Union, the ecological balance of almond, oat, soy or rice drinks, advertised as vegan alternatives to domestic dairy products, is often more than questionable; it is rather ‘climate rescue marketing’.

In a ‘Regionality Check’ it became apparent that the advertising messages on the eco-balance and ingredients of plant-based drinks are often half-truths. Carinthia’s LK President Siegfried Huber and Farmers’ Union President Georg Strasser: “Domestic raw materials and dairy products convince with short transport routes and sustainable production. In only 15 percent of 180 plant-based drinks examined, the main raw materials come from Austria. In contrast, every second drink comes from non-EU countries. Consumers should know that.”

The ‘climate rescue marketing’ of the manufacturers usually does not live up to its promises. In addition, there is confusing labelling, for example with red-white-red flags (Austrian national colours). A well-known retail chain advertises its own-brand products with such flags, even though the cane sugar in them comes from the other side of the world.

Photo: Prinova

Roland Sossna / IDM

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